Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pssst! My Margarita's Spice (like garlic garlic but better)

I was not going to share this...but I am so against keeping recipes a secret, as if there is a tragedy, and I lose it, how would I ever recover it? I cant' stand recipe snobs. First off, anyone can cook, and your "secret" recipe isn't such a secret, someone can and will figure it out.

I created this recipe because I was determined to find a replacement for the pricey Garlic Garlic that Tastefully Simple sells. I cant' see spending that kind of money on a spice that you can make cheap at home. This is just as good, if not better!

I have had a few friends over in the past few months, who raved about my dip and had to have the recipe. In fact, one kept apologizing for eating so much of it, I made another batch while they were here because it was such a hit.

Make this and store it in a small canning jar, or save an old spice jar, remove the label and make your it what you want...take the credit if that's how you roll (and when you lose it, you can come back here to find it).....I times this by 10 when I make it, so I can make a big batch. Make a single batch and try it out...I am sure you will agree, its just as good if not better than garlic garlic and cheaper!  Those things are just a mixture of spices sold for 5-10 dollars a bottle..that is outrageous! could create your own spice blends, start small, and write it down so that you know what went into it, so you can re-create it!

Margarita's  Spice

1/8 tsp lawry's season salt -no msg
3/4 t onion powder
1 1/8 t granulated garlic
1½ t minced garlic (dried)
1 t parsley flakes
Makes 4½ tsp.

Margaritas Mad  Spice
add 1 t cayenne pepper
1½ t crushed red pepper (whirled in a coffee grinder)

Serving Suggestions:

Mix 2 TBSP with 16 ounces of sour cream and serve with chips or vegetables, or 8 oz cream cheese and serve with crackers. I add more than 2 TBSP but some think its too much.  When I originally made it, I used four and hubby said it was overwhelmingly garlicky, but I liked I do about 3 T.

Great on chicken, beef and pork too. Also great in hummus!

I am on a mission for my sister, to copy the Spinach and Herb mix now! She loves that and I found dried spinach at Echo Hill (my favorite little Menonite County store that has cheap bulk spices)



Lilli said...

I am going to try this. I too wasn't thrilled about spending all that $ to buy more and just starting looking on-line and found this. I dont even know how I got some in my spice drawer..I think someone who came to visit left it and both my husband and I loved the stuff. I will post once I make it.

Lilli said...

I am going to try this. A friend of ours left some at our house and we loved it. I didn't want to spend the $ to order more, and glad I found this. I will try it and let you know. Thanks in advance.