Sunday, October 2, 2016

More 30 Second DIY Hairstyle Videos

This is the Tails Up Style and was featured on my last blog post. Still my favorite and my favorite Flexi.

Welcome back. There are new videos on my webpage  but I decided to put them here for your convenience. See below and don't forget to check out my previous 30 Second DIY Hairstyles blog post with more videos.

Below are a few more hairstyle videos to try out with our awesome hair jewelry.
Have fun and enjoy.

These stay in your hair, and don't poke you in the head when you put your head on your head rest in your car, lay down to exercise, etc. They don't harm your hair like an elastic band does and you can pull it out fast and easy by pulling the pin to release it.

Here is the messy up. Looks great but takes very little time

Half-up Knot

Celtic Knot with Hair Sticks

Pony Roll with U Pins

Half Up Knot with Bobbies

Partial Braid

Braided Up with Hair Sticks

Half Up Braided Bun

Loose Braid

Braided Up & Down

Bobbies Side Braid

Visit my previous blog post for more 30 second styles or visit my webpage for more under sizing and styling videos.

Want to know what size you wear?

Get yourself some hair jewelry.  You will love the ease of use.  The flex is one piece so you can't lose the pin. Our Flex is made with Piano Wire and is very durable and flexible.  You can adjust the size slightly if you want to tighten or loosen the fit.

Be sure to check my site often for new styles being added every month.

They are always willing to swap it out if you order the wrong size. Be sure to call the home office right away and they will work with you to get you the right fit...their phone number is listed on your order slip.