Saturday, May 1, 2010

Herb Markers and the wonders of Paint Pens

I love my Rosemary Marker but have looked high and low for matching one's for my Basil, Parsley, etc to no avail.  Until I find them (and I will lol) my sister-in-law recommended that I paint my river rocks that I have all over the herb garden with the herb name!  Brilliant idea Cheryl!!!

I took some paint pens I bought and here they are!!!  (by the way, the paint pens are awesome, if you can write, you can make signs)

My awesome mom gave me some of her bee balm about three weeks ago. 
Karen Cleary gave me these onions last year in the background there. I love how they are full of air..they are so fun.  I am just going to let them go for another year to get more.

Too early for my basil to come out and play.  I have it growing and will have a huge supply of it soon in my herb garden, but it is too tall  for me to worry about covering so my stone is ready for when it comes out.

My lovely mother in law, Susie gave me some of her Lemon Balm last, this smells awesome!  It's perennial and I am happy it came back.  Survival of the fittest in my yard.
My neighbor, Amoceita (a very cute woman who hails from Haiti) gave me some of her scallions.  This lady was the first in the neighborhood to come and welcome us to the neighborhood when we moved in 11 years ago.  She is so sweet and I love her accent. She shares the same address as us.  We get her mail and she gets ours all of the office goof..she has the same house  number and street name address as us, but her's ends in court and ours ends in road. Dumb I know, but it keeps us close lol.
My sage is coming back.  It was planted a few years ago in a pot, and I finally put it in the ground.
Hubby put this little patio in for me off my herb garden.  That's my summer kitchen in the background, I really gotta get on making curtains for that window, it looks atrocious. You can also see my plant covers on the side of the building..I use clear plastic containers for a quick on and off for frosty nights...hoping there will be no more of those now.

My mom was getting rid of this cute bear so I made it a sign to hold, again with my paint pen!  These things are awesome!

My hostas, I swore I was going to seperate this time around, and didn't.  I am glad I didn't. I love how ginormous they get!  I have them all over the place on my property.  They are my favorite plants, you don't have to do anything to them...they just grow and grow. 
I won't bore you with all of the pics of them.  They just always amaze me.  They grow to about three feet around and hog up my flower beds, but I love it!  It's only May 1 so they will get bigger and bigger. 
And that bush...ugh, my neighbor wanted it gone, so hubby took some of her bushes and saved them..little did I realize how big it was going to get.  I am going to have to move it and hate to do it because I am afraid it will go into shock, but its getting too big for that spot.

Some old blog posts of my property if you want to see my past gardens.
My ginormous garden...won't be this big ever again...what a mess it become in the fall!

My other neglected blog, which was actually my first blog.  Pics of my yard I posted before.

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