Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baby Chicks....weeks 1- 3

This is day one, we brought home the Silver Spangles and the Barred Rocks..don't they look like little chicken nuggets!  (Silver Spangle in Brian's hand, Barred Rocks are black)  The Americauna's weren't in yet.  They had a problem with the shipment (not the same as Aracaunas, slightly different breed)
If you click the pic, it will get bigger to see it closer up.  If I make it extra large on here, it runs off of the page. 
Now the others's are about a week old, and the little chipmunk colored one's (Americaunas) are only two days old, their first day here, aged two days in shipping)
Their first time outside in the playpen.  Its a warm day finally!
My husband did really fall asleep in the playpen with them. 
Brian in the playpen with them.
Atlas minding his own business.  We have ducks too and he doesn't bother them.  What a good dog!
The teens lookin into the duck pen..they are only penned at night to protect them from foxes and weasels...which have taken a few
Allen is cleaning out the shed for a chicken coop and look what he finds....a baby field mouse all water logged. (I never did ask why it was water logged in the shed?)

This is the barred rock's first escape!  She jumped on the lounge chair and flew from there (that was put in there to shade them more on sunny days, they are under a big cherry tree but for extra shade)
Look at me, I'm free!
Lazy Americauna!

Her first catch in the free world.... a moth!
She is just checking out the view from Allen's shoulder.
This is right before the chicken jumped on Atlas's head.  Whoever heard of a American Bulldog/Pitbull being afraid of a little chicken nugget?
Atlas is trying to figure out what that thing is that just jumped on his head.
Nose to nose, no worries.  He won't hurt it.  We have ducks that he doesn't bother with.  They run to him when they see a hawk flying overhead.  He just lays there and they run to his side, knowing the hawk won't come down with him there!
Last night they slept in their new chicken coop for the first time!  Their first time out in the real world...they were sleeping in my son's room (in a crate of course) before that but were outgrowing it.  There is a window in the chicken coop, so it was fun peeking in periodically and watching them.  They seemed to enjoy their new room!  They will be outside as free range chickens once we get them used to staying in the yard.  For now, they are in the playpen during the day.

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