Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Gardening Journal and Martha's Growing File idea!

 I keep a gardeners journal and a big binder with all of my gardening newsletters from Penn State Master Gardeners (they have such great newsletters and pamphlets).  

In my journal I keep track of plants I plant that are perrenial and their botanical names, as well as annuals that I plant and if and were I had luck with them...anything that will help me in the future with my gardening.  In my journal,

I also have a few pics of my property and hand drawn map of the property and gardens I have put in (my herb garden, flower beds etc)
I got this email from Martha Stewart and loved this idea.  (Have you signed up for her daily tips yet? )

To create an indispensable reference guide to your garden, staple seed packets to index cards and organize them in a recipe box. Staple only one edge of a packet, so you can flip it over to see instructions for growing. On the lined side, note when the seeds were sown, when they sprouted, and any other dates you might need for future seasons.

There are many commercial Gardening Journals that you can buy.  I like my plain lined journal that I got at Sams Club in a two pack for about 7 dollars a  few years ago.
 Here is my garden journal on the outside.
 The next pic is just what the pages look like on the inside. I chose a page with little writing in it so that you could get a view of the lines. 
 I made up a binder and put page protectors in it for my hand outs, flyers and newsletters from the Master Gardeners of Penn State.  I can always go back and reference things, as you can see, its overflowing!  I also keep birding info from them (plants that birds like, and such), compost info ect in the binder.

 Now I am going to find a nice little metal file box for my seed packets and put some note cards in it.  That is such a cute idea!  Gotta love Martha Stewart!


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