Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween present and past

Hubby and me this year, in Goth (I was not dying my hair black...)
click the pics to enlarge

He looked so good..he should dress like that more often!

I love a man in guyliner!

Some costumed friends I rounded up for a pic
Steve and Sandy

Allen and Troy
Hubby and my piercings.
Elaina, Justin and Todd
Lisa making a potion
Brewing some friends in the hot tub lol

Christa, Allen and Jason

More friends kids
Beatle..I went to Jr High with her...Rachel is her real name
Me, Lisa and Karen...Lisa did my makeup, she works for Shocktoberfest
Group pic...Christa (friends since Kindergarten!), me, Jack, Rachel Lisa, front...Brian and Karen
My son was the best Michael Jackson, he came out to Thriller and did the cool.
Alex stopped down...there were a ton of teens in the field dancing and tailgating.
Troy's gal and Kenzie and her friend

My guy, Brian is MJ!

Marlene and I
Troy and I

Karen, Michelle and I

Mom and Christa in deep conversation
cute gals!

This was after a party last year or two years ago? Mike playing guitar
Me past Halloween
Me past Halloween

My hubby grabbing Christa's butt
lol Troy and Allen pre costume

Christa is like a sister to me...we have been friends since her

Shane, Kelly, Glenn and Shawn
Christa and Lisa, Oley girls

Jack and Karen, great friends of ours for many years.
Kathy...knew her from way back...before
and her costume
Food spread
Christa and Brian
My Brian is just too cool.

some setting up pics...its going to rain, so we are preparing for fun anyways...hubby built this out of bamboo

Ahhhh Halloween pasts....

Me and my Margarita! Go figure!

Tracy and Cupcake Kim

Christa and Kenzie

Jean and I have been friends since Jr. High

Sandy, you devil you!

My two on left and in middle

All of these kids slept over after this years they are all here to help tear down!

Just a few of the kids that slept over...

The breakfast club on the patio

Alex, such a gentleman