Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Free Cookbook by mail, a real print edition!

I love the Gooseberry Patch and have tons of their cookbooks and things from their catalog.  Great stuff!  

Here is a FREEE cookbook you can order from them courtesy of Sunmaid Raisins. 

link for those who'd rather copy and paste..

I have a bunch of their books and love the one that you can buy that is blank pages to put your own recipes in for your kids. Called My Favorite Recipes.  I have a few of these I am working on for my kids.  My recipes  they love and ask me to make go into it.

Some of the other books I love of theirs are  here..I get a lot of my Christmas ideas from them.  The Almost Homemade has some great easy recipes in them.  Fast to make and little effort, but so good.


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