Sunday, July 14, 2013 favorite recipe

It's gonna be hot. Get some of these in the freezer for the kids, or adults.  Great for an after mowing the lawn treat or for eating while jumping through the sprinkler.

These are simple and so delicious.  Not so healthy but definitely worth treating yourself.

Try to use the same flavor kool aid and jello. You can mix flavors but it could turn into an ugly color so think about that before mixing flavors.

Homemade Popsicle

1 package of Jello (3oz package)
1 envelope of Koolaid (unsweetened)
2 C cold water
1 C sugar
2 C boiling water

Mix together, first using the hot water  then add the cold water and freeze in popsicle trays.
makes 18 freeze pops


Terri said...

Can you use sugar free jello? They look so refreshing!

Margarita Stewart aka Shannon Dillman said...

It wouldn't be sweet, but give it a shot.