Monday, July 15, 2013

Creamy Alfredo Smoked Salmon Pasta (super fast and easy)

I make this with spaghetti, linguini, and even raviolis (fresh or store bought fresh is best)
Today I used smoked salmon spinach ravioli
Creamy Alfredo Smoked Salmon Pasta
8 oz pasta
1/2 c butter
16 oz container sour cream
2 T garlic
1 egg slightly beaten
1 c parmesan cheese
2 T of the mafia seasoning mixture...rosemary, thyme, oregano, marjoram (i make this ahead of time and have it ready, premixed, so half T of each if you don't)
2 chopped tomatoes (about fist size, more or less to your liking)
4-6 oz smoked salmon
salt and pepper
sprig parsley to garnish and eat

While pasta cooks, melt butter on low in a med size saucepan.

In a bowl, beat egg, add sour cream, seasonings (garlic and mafia) and Parmesan cheese. Cook this on low with the melted butter until heated through. (yes, cook it on low)
Add tomatoes and salmon and cook 2 mins until heated through.
Pour over pasta
salt and pepper and add a sprig of parsley to each plate

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