Tuesday, July 21, 2009


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My son absolutely loves pickle juice...as I did when I was a kid. Its so refreshing on a summer day. Pickle juice on potato chips is to die for too. I had to ask him not to drink all of the juice before the pickles are gone, so the pickles are not sitting in an empty jar. lol.

I took my tupperware popcicle molds and made him Pickle-cicles..frozen pickle juice in a popcicle shape. It is so good and refreshing, especially on a hot summer day!

We love pickle juice on our potato chips too, throw the pickles right on top of the chips and let the juice get all over them..yum. I had frozen potato chips once, saw it on Emeril, it was good..so I took some pickle juice, drizzled it on potato chips and froze that.

Pickles tend to be a bit high in sodium so dont' go overboard eating these...once in a while they are good and fun. 210 mg isn't too awful, not the best, Ramen is like 2000 mg!

Speaking of pickles, whatever happened to Tommy Pickles and the Rugrats?

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