Saturday, July 4, 2009

Getting rid of clutter


I used to give stuff away all the time, to oust the clutter from my home. I wanted it gone that day and that was that. I went to my sisters for a yard sale to sell my stuff and no one came so I went to sell my stuff I had from my Southern Living kit from when I sold Southern Living.

I had so many nice brand new things, along with my pot rack that hung from my ceiling that I no longer wanted. Well, my sister lived at the edge of her community, so only a few people came down to her sale, I was practically giving stuff away.

Around noon, I still had a table full of stuff,, so I loaded it into my truck, and called my friend to see if she wanted any of did not want to bring it back into my house, she came over and we unloaded it from my truck into her trunk. I was rid of it all...cast iron pot rack and all..brand new southern living stuff..etc.
I was glad to be rid of the clutter.

Recently I was weeding out my homeschool books and thought, I am going to check ebay. Stuff is selling like hot I posted some homeschool books...I sold one book for 200.67..and another for 132.00...others for 10 dollars here and there...and a Mitch Gaylord workout DVD for 27.00 (it was only 30 new and came with a workout ball....mine was just the dvd).

In two weeks I made 399.00 on my used stuff..stuff I normally would have just given away or thrown out. I can kick myself for all the stuff I have given away through the years...yes it was clutter..but it was money! Pots, pans, silverware, cookbooks, homeschool books, books, dvds, and other misc. stuff.
Lesson learned. From now on, if I don't want something, I am checking ebay before I hand it off or throw it away. I won't get up for a yard sale again, that took too much energy...but I will sell stuff on ebay...I am looking around my house right now thinking ...mmm what can I sell next!!!!

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Donna-FFW said...

I hear you. I always check eBay before having a yard sale or donating items. I save it all for Christmas money!