Thursday, April 30, 2009


Here are some pictures of our garden and the kids playing around it.

Our Garden
Sam Champion just said on the morning show, 17 million Americans are going to be starting their first garden this year.

My husband and I have been gardening for 18 years. We have always done it, because we don’t use pesticides. Even back before the “organic movement” started to really kick in.

I am sure what we buy in the store does, organic or not, who knows what is in the soil, but I know what we grow is really organic.

We also have a well, and our water is not treated with chlorine or anything. We don’t spray our lawn, in fact, dandelions are beautiful! I would never kill them. Lawn grass is not a native plant…and its not good for the enviroment I am told. Funny, my “lawn’ is not grass, but mostly weeds we keep trimmed lol. We bought our home from a 91 year old woman who was born here and I know she never treated the lawn, and we don’t either.

My husband and I have gotten bigger and bigger every year, starting out 18 years ago with a 6 x 6 plot to having our whole field planted! We have since decided to downsize to just a 40 x 80 foot garden. We like to give away veggies to our friends, but this year, we don’t care if they get any lol….they never help do any of the work and the bigger it is, the more work we have to do. There are many other things I want to do this summer so I am not going to worry about giving anyone veggies. (greedy huh?). I am learning as I get older, to worry about me first. I was always taught at church to service to others, and I believe in Karma, but it seems if I worry about everyone else, my life suffers. No wonder so many old men and women are blunt and seem mean lol. They know something we don’t! It's our goal to have a small garden this year, but I am not sure we will succeed, we always plant so much more than we intend lol.

We are lucky to find praying mantis babies all over the garden when we are out planting in spring, so it keeps the bugs down.
As you can see from the pics, we have an irrigation system that we use. We have a shut off valve at each row, and each row has its own drip irrigation "hose" going down it. Its a hose with tiny pin holes at each plant and that is the only place the water goes.
I find it amazing at how much food we can plant on our two acre property.


the ungourmet said...

Now, that is a garden! I have two gardens started this year. One is in a raised bed and one is in the ground! I haven't had a garden in 11 years so we will see how it goes!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is nice. I thought that my 40 x 60 was big. Do you rent or own the tiller/row coverer. I know you have the tractor! I've been selling home grown produce at a 3 day a week local growers auction in Fleetwood. You would do a nice supplemental income with that size farm! - G.Kauffman