Monday, April 27, 2009

Puerto Rican Food

I love Mexican, Puerto Rico, and Cuban foods...

I have a flan recipe that is out of this world, that I got from Daisy Martinez's cookbook, "Daisy Cooks". In it, she has a recipe for "church lady flan" that is to die for. A friend of mine took a piece to her ex husband because she was going to pick her son up at his house and he said, it was better than his grandmother, but don't tell her he said that lol. (I think she said he called her his ablueo or buelo or something, but don't laugh, I am not spanish, although I do want to learn it). is her website and changes the recipes she features on her site every month or so.

I was chatting on facebook about the flan, and the key being the media crema (made by nestle and in the goya section of most grocery stores). A friend on facebook chimed in with a great website that has authentic Puerto Rican Recipes. I wanted to post it on here to share, but also, selfishly wanted to post it on here so I can easily find it again. (wink).

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Melanie said...

I remember coming across Daisy once on tv and I love her! I'm PR and her food is very authentic so it was fun to watch someone do it on tv. ;-)