Friday, April 24, 2009

Sushi Making

We made sushi last night..the pics are posted on my Enzo's Galaxy Blog. I didn't want to cross post the same post.

Check it out.


A local restaurant had sushi rolling last night and a friend went to it and had a good time. I was having dinner with family so I could not attend. I thought about going next time, but am very impatient so i went ahead and looked for it on you tube.

I have a few books on making sushi and some bamboo rolling mats but never attempted it yet. I even went as far as to get the nori sheets and sushi rice...we even got sushi grade salmon and tuna and well, we eat it as sushimi (which is just the raw fish alone) not only because we are so lazy sometimes lol but we love to eat the raw fish on its own.

After seeing it on you tube, now I really want to make some. I found this great site with instructions because I love the inside out California roll with avocado on it (tuna in). I am not big on cold rice, but I do like it if I had good Wasabi on it and a bit of soy sauce.

You tube has video instruction so you can also go there. And they sell books and kits at Barnes and Noble fairly cheap. I got my sons a kit for Christmas for about 15.00.
One thing all the you tubes and sites, and book tells you to do is to cover your bamboo mat with plastic wrap or it becomes so messy, you can't clean it.
I am on a mission now to get some sushi grade fish again and this time, we are going to roll some sushi!
If you never tried raw fish, get some wasabi and give it a try. Ask for sushi grade fish from a reputable fish market and slice it thin. I cannot stand canned tuna, never liked it, ever. I hate it..but I love raw tuna sushimi! You will be suprised.
My kids like it so much, I told their pediatrician and he gave them the food born hep shot. Of course, you need to worry about tapeworms, etc, so again, get it from a reputable fish market, slice it thin, you can see thru- it almost, and of course, keep it cold and use it right away the day you buy it.


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