Monday, March 23, 2009

The price of eating at home

My family likes to eat well. We appreciate good food! We are pretty lucky to be able to afford to eat things like Sashimi (raw fish minus the boring cold rice), Lobster, Shrimp, and many other goodies that can seem pricey. We are far from rich, but I realize there are some that are less fortunate, and have little or nothing to eat. If I think about the cost of eating out, and we do not eat out often, I cringe at the prices in restaurants. Most of the food at restaurants are over cooked. Steaks, tuna/salmon, lobster tail, shrimp etc. It always tastes better when I cook at home. I got two, two packs of lobster tails at Sams for 20-25 dollars. (and when on sale, I get them at the seafood store fresh). Sams has really nice size tails. Twice the size you get at the seafood chains, and only about 10.00 each. Add a bag of shrimp for the family, 2 lbs peeled, cleaned tails on uncooked, 31-40 shrimp for 12.86 (divided by say 36 average in a bag, they come out to 35 cents each). I always price down food I buy like this. So you get 8 shrimp scampi for 2.80 on the side. A baked potato and broccoli (broccoli is 4.88 for a big 3 lb bag, divided by 5 because I get at least 5 sides of broccoli out of that bag, at least, it comes out to costing 97 cents to feed the whole family, divide that by four servings, 24 cents). red potatoes are 6.37 for a 10 lb bag... you get about 20 potatoes in that bag (i weighed a few potatoes to figure it out) comes out to 32 cents each. it would be 13.36 per person for that feast at home, that is around 25 dollars at red lobster and it would be cooked to our liking, no pricey drink costs, no tip....just good food cheap, and the bonus, I know what is in it, I made it healthy and I can count the calories in it myself. Our lobster tails were so meaty, we did not finish them last time and had the leftovers for breakfast! The only time I care to eat seafood out, is on vacation, because its my vacation too, and I don't cook on vacation! We also know that the food is safe, my husband and boys love to eat Sushimi, mostly raw salmon, red snapper and tuna. I order it from the seafood place, sushi grade, so I know its fresh, and I dont' mind them eating it. (they have had hep shots lol). We also love ceviche, which needs to also be bought sushi grade, no matter what fish you are using.

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Suzie said...

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