Sunday, March 22, 2009

Check your receipt!

When you go to the grocery store, check your receipt! I am really bad at that. My sister, shops several times a week in small quantities and she checks hers all the time and finds discrepancies all the time too.

The other day, she was at my favorite grocery store, Giant. I like it because the produce is almost always fresh (or looks it lol), and they sell boars head lunch meat, which is pricey but sliced fresh...note: Redners sprays their pre-sliced lunch meat with water every morning to "fluff it up" I know this because Boars head will not sell to Redners because they do that. I know the regional rep for boars head...insider tip.

Anyway, and example of what my sister found out was.....Giant had flags at their Arnold bread saying it was on sale 2/$5. I know it did, because I just bought that brand the day before. She did not see the sale price reflected on her receipt, so she went to customer service. The gal did not want to honor it and said, yeah, we know the sale price flags are still there, we let them up all the time, its too much trouble to take them down and they will go on sale again eventually. She demanded a manager. The manager told the gal to give her the sale price, but that isn't the point...we all, as shoppers, think that is on sale and buy it. If we don't check our receipt, we pay full price and don't even know it. It's very deceiving. I always shop for a week and get way too many things to remember every sale price, and am bagging at check out, so I can't always watch the cash register monitor.

I am going to start going to the grocery store twice a week so I can get a better grip of what I pay and when I am being ripped off. I can also have fresher produce if I go more often. I read in my old Betty Crocker recipe book that you are supposed to go twice a week. With gas prices, its not always convenient, but I can swing it.
I have a good mind to call a news channel to do one of those undercover investigations.


Suzie said...

Oh!!!I know, and sometimes they would stack up the regular price items and sale items together and put a sign like " 2 for $4.99 "
People grab the regular price items thinking that's 2 for $4.99. They do tricks like this all the time!!!
Looks like you got your blog back!
I've lost my blog a lot when i tried to change my template and blog skin and i would press any key by accident, & miraculously I would get my blog back! I'm still afraid to change my template or blog skin!! :D
It's 8:30AM here in Southern Calif. and raining know what Shannon? I wish i live in the country!!
Have a wonderful day, Shannon!!!

Audrey said...

I never check the receipts either - but will have to start now. Part of my problem is - I live in a small town, know everyone that works at both grocery stores and end up chatting while the groceries are getting bagged.
You commented on my blog about the raggedy bags I make. Yes - I sell them in my etsy shop:

I bought the pattern from: