Saturday, March 21, 2009

More on the upside down tomato plants

For more pics and instructions, see Feb. 12th blog entry, link to it below.

Although I would never do this type of tomato plant, if you do it, my husband had an idea, to take off the lid when you turn it over to hang, and plant some herbs in the top too. you would have a tomato plant coming out the bottom and plants on top too. We also thought about putting a coffee filter with a small hole for the tomato plant so the dirt didn't come out. My husband is a painter so we have paint buckets coming out of our ears. I have friends who plant stuff in paint buckets on their patios. You can decorate them with mortar and gems, stones, tiles, broken plates, etc.

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Suzie said...

Hi, Shannon!!

I would have never thought of this idea in a million years!
I planted tomatoes in my back yard and my dogs completely destroyed them. I am glad that I have a lot of paint buckets that I haven't thrown away. I really want to try what you did. Thank You for sharing, Shannon!