Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am headed to the Library

I wish home was where I was doing my laundry today lol...I am headed to the Laundray mat (yes, my washer part still has not arrived, Thanks Whirlpool, this is two weeks with no washer and I paid 1000.00 for it 14 months ago).
I am also stopping at the Library. I love the Library. I try to go every week, books can be checked out for three weeks so I have leeway.
What I love is, checking out cookbooks. I love to read them as I have mentioned before but never really follow a recipe. If I fall in love with one, then I know I have to run out and buy it, but otherwise, this saves me a lot of money on cookbooks I end up giving away because they are not what I thought they would be.
I can also order things my library does not have and have them sent to my library for pick up and drop off there again. My kids order movies they want to see. We bought too many dvd's that no one ever watches again, so this not only saves money, but save space and dust collectors.
It's a beautiful sunny day. I may do the library first so I have some good books to read at the laundrymat. I will just bring my wet clothes home, as I can hang out the wash and also my dryer is still in working order...I did not buy the duet dryer, because my dryer was in working order yet, and now I know I wont' buy the matching dryer after what I went through with whirlpool.


Angie said...

I also love cookbooks, but don't follow the recipes.

I tell people that I'm directions impaired, because I start out intending to follow the directions, but then I start experimenting with other ideas and I never get through the original recipe.

P. Atkins said...

You have posted a very interesting article. Keep it up!

Good Books To Read.