Sunday, February 2, 2014

Jalapeño popper grilled cheese w bacon

While making bacon for BLT sandwiches I was browsing Pinterest and I came up with another lame excuse to blog. Lol. Hey, no one listens to meat home, so my blog and twitter are my vents. Just kidding.  They listen.
It's pretty basic, but simplicity is still delicious. 
I mixed 2 small chopped jalapeños with a half package of cream cheese.  (just stem removed, keep the seeds or you might as well use a non-spicy pepper)

Butter bread outsides, spread inside generously with cream cheese jalapeño mixture, using about half. Place bacon on top, then top slice of bread. 
Brown both sides in buttered cast iron skillet. 
Slice and eat. Simply delicious. 
You can sub goat cheese or any soft cheese for this. 

Here's my BLT wrap for my work lunch tomorrow. I love bacon. I smeared jalapeño cream cheese on my wrap too. 

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