Sunday, February 23, 2014

Healthy fast food: easy fajitas (brown bag friendly)

Please excuse my pic, the colors are drab, I took the pic in my breakroom at work, while I was eating it.

For a fast meal that's healthy, buy precooked organic frozen chicken strips and frozen organic pepper strips. 

I like hot meals at work and it's a fast easy meal to take along. Pack it the night before, with no real prep. It takes 5 mins to throw this together. 

Toss pepper strips and chicken strips, however much you want to make, into a glass or Pyrex type dish the night before. One serving or 10. 

Add a Tablespoon taco seasoning and a dribble of water. 
Place in fridge. In the morning grab it and stuff it in your lunch tote and at lunch, microwave about 1-2 mins.  
Don't forget to pack your wraps and fixins (lettuce, sour cream whatever ya like)  :) you can also eat this as is, or add rice. 

You can make your family a meal the same way, just put enough servings for everyone and heat a little longer.  

It's cheaper and healthier than buying a frozen prepared box meal. I know, I use the microwave for it but it's the only way to get a hot meal at work. Everyone oohs and ahhs over my meals in the break room. 

I pack my lunch EVERYDAY. I'm working on a section on my blog that will list easy fast lunches and snacks that you can take to work. 
Ps. You can do this w rotisserie chickens from SAMs too. 

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