Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pretzel Soup aka shdreisl suppe

This is a comfort food that will help you sleep and keep your belly full all night.It's a Pa Dutch thing that goes way back, and I remember eating this as a child.  Its a quick snack, hearty and cheap.  It is said that after a

I am going to keep this short and sweet. There are many variations, you can start w a roux, or just a basic bowl of warm milk and butter...This is how I remember it best.

Pretzel Soup aka shdreisl suppe

½ C hard pretzels broken into bite sized pieces
1 c milk (I use raw milk, its what they used)
1 tsp butter
salt and pepper to taste

I warm my milk and melt my butter first and then throw the pretzels in just before eating...I like my pretzels a bit crunch..some people like it all warmed together and eaten with the pretzels soft.

Try it out and play with it.  The easier you keep it, the its a quick snack that should only take 2 minutes to prepare.


Anonymous said...

My mother used to make this soup for us when I was a kid. Our family religion did not have meatless Fridays but during Lent we were more conscience of this and therefore had this soup a lot during lent. I thought it was something my mother concocted and never realized it was a real recipe.

AmyBee said...

Childhood favorite of mine also!