Sunday, August 11, 2013

Herbal Simple Syrup Mint

Mint Simple Syrup

My herb garden has gone wild...I am working on some walnut basil pesto today and I decided to make some mint simple syrup for my tea.  I had a really good iced mint tea the past few days at the fair and I want to recreate it with my herbs.

Simple syrups are so easy to make, and the sugar is dissolved so that your drinks don't have sugars floating around in them.

Here is all it takes:

Equal parts sugar and water and a handful of herbs. The more herbs, the stronger the flavor.  

Bring all to a boil for a minute, and  let cool..muddle it and strain it.  Put it in the frige, it lasts about a week..if you don't use it up first.

Use it in your tea, cocktails, water, ice cream, or wherever you want sweet mint.

I decided to start keeping this in a grolsch bottle, since I saved a few of these back in the day. That way its easy to see in the fridge right away.

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