Saturday, August 17, 2013

Microwave Popcorn..Chemical Free! Convenient Comfort Food

I do not buy microwave popcorn...we don't use our nuker very  much for health reasons.  My teenage sons went out and bought a box of microwave popcorn the other day and love it. Of course! Poison is delicious!  Right?  LOL  I complained and lectured and well, boys will be boys and they asked me to buy a bulk box of it at Sams Club....NO!

I told them, we have that awesome hot air popper, you guys love that!  "yeah, but mom, its too much work, and then I have to do dishes".  (Yeah, he is does make a bit of a mess)...but I still think its the best.

Anyway..I decided to play around with it..last night hubby and I took a paper bag, a cup of popcorn and microwaved it.  Nothing else..just uncooked popcorn.  2:36 seconds (Nukers vary...I have mine down to a science so my boys don't have to think about anything). POP, BAM...its done!

Started off with a minute, then added thirty seconds on just before it beeped.  I can't believe made popcorn!  No chemicals, no fake butter...just real popcorn..sure the nuker probably still isn't healthy, but if my boys are going to make it in the nuker, this is better than the commercial crap.

I added coconut oil  w a spoon..drilling it over it right in the bag, then salt and pepper...of course, parmesan cheese, hot sauce w coconut oil (or butter, but remember, you are making a mess if you are melting butter...I am trying to contain this in a bag so its a convenience thing.  What's your favorite popcorn topping? Garlic, rosemary?  I ♥ Popcorn!!

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