Friday, January 21, 2011

Fivebucks Breakfast Wrap my version

   I love love love friend and I call it Fivebucks, everything there costs about five bucks.  We are addicted so I can't help myself.

   I get their Spinach, Roasted Tomato, Feta & Egg Wrap because it's low cal and so darn yummy. On days I can't get there, I crave this thing!  So I made my own version...with what I have to work with anyway.

Having chickens, I eat wayyy to many eggs in a weeks time, so I am sticking to using egg whites only here, you can use the whole egg if you chose.

I start off with canned tomatoes in a drizzle of oil in my cast iron pan (hey, this is all I got to work with, and it works).  Your goal here is to cook them, letting as much water cook out as possible.  Don't want a soggy wrap.  Preheat the oven while to 400°F.  I just prefer it baked a bit after I make them to crisp up the wrap a little. 

Add some frozen spinach to it.  Again, cook as much water out as you can before you move on. 

While its cooking out, separate your eggs. Here I am making two wraps so I am using four egg whites. I'm always drowning in eggs, as my chickens are good layers, even through the winter, so I don't mind throwing the egg yolks away, but some days I cook them off for the dog after I am done using the fry pan. Toss in some spices.  Oregano, whatever you like. 
I dribble in a few T of water into my egg whites to fluff them up a bit.

Pour the egg whites into the fry pan and cook them until done.  Throw in some feta cheese now.  However much you want.  This pic looks awful but it smells and tastes so damn good. I promise. 

While that cooks, nuke a wrap for 30 secs, and then spread some garden vegetable cream cheese onto it. The less you use, the lower the cals..but you gotta have some! 

Okay I went overboard..I'm a hog! lol. 

Load the wrap with your egg concoction.  Fold the bottom up, wrap the sides and wrap in foil so it stays wrapped.  

Put it in the oven and bake for 3 mins, open the wrap and it should stay in the wrapped position now.  Let it bake another 3 mins or so...however ya like it. 
The extra one I made, I wrapped in deli paper and put in the frige to heat up for someone to heat up when they wake up, unless I get my hands on it first. 

I can eat something once or twice and pretty much tell what is in  it to clone it, but I have most of this guys cookbooks.  I am a cookbook husband can't understand why I have them, I only read them and then never follow the directions on a recipe anyway.


Chrissy Ward said...

Shannon, this sounds a lot like Fivebucks! I'm going to try it over the weekend. My twins daughters both love this wrap and their huevos rancheros wrap too!! Thx!

Margarita Stewart aka Shannon Marie said...

Someone else mentioned that Huevos Rancheors wrap. I have to try that sometime.