Thursday, July 15, 2010

Guest of Honor Photo Centerpiece

I saw this cute project for displaying pics at a party and wanted to share.  Thanks Martha!   This is definitely doable if you have a good printer or access to one that prints black and white (with no distorted lines) and some velum paper.

Link to Martha's posting of this...

If you're throwing a party for someone's anniversary or birthday, the guest of honor will shine with a set of photo frame lanterns. They consist of three hinged photo frames set around votive candles. The black-and-white photos are printed onto ecru-colored vellum paper, which is translucent enough for the images to be visible by candlelight.
Photo Centerpiece How-To
Disassemble three like-sized frames, setting aside their fronts and discarding their backings. Paint or stain wooden frames desired color; let dry. Upload or scan photographs into a computer. With editing software, make the images black and white, and resize them to fit your frames. Print them onto vellum paper with an ink-jet printer. Slip the images into the frames. Using cloth tape, hinge frames together to form a triangle. Stand frames around a candle in a protective glass holder.

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