Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cool Printable Canning Labels

I use canning jars for everything!  I store dry stuff, leftovers, freezer stuff in them...they are my only storage containers because if I lose a lid, I get more lids, if I need more jars, they are cheap, I just buy a case.  They are inexpensive enough to hand out "doggie jars" to friends with food for them to take home.  I buy the wide mouths and I love them.  





I found these great labels on

 This is a great canning book I have, sooo many awesome recipes in it...jellies of all types, condiments etc.


Shannon Marie said...

We also use them for drinking glasses...I buy the wide mouth jars and they are great for drinking from too. I like to multi task my kitchen stuff due to limited cabinet space.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these. They are really cute and just what I needed.

Heidi Evans said...

Thank you for posting these label ideas. My mom & I are residing under the same roof again and it becomes challenging at times when she refuses to label her canning... I'm OCD.. I want things labeled...

Maybe if it's all cute and stuff she'll think about it! :-D Thank you again!!