Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shhh....FREE cellulite relief...its a secret and it works!

First off...I want to say...YES SKINNY WOMEN HAVE CELLULITE...so don't' write me saying how could I have it...I did! Ask my husband. I probably still do but I have managed to figure out how to greatly reduce the look of it, that its not noticeable on me whatsoever. (Dr. Oz says every single woman has cellulite, some its just not noticable)
Skin care companies do not want you to know this...they make millions on creams that falsely claim to cure cellulite.
I also used to suffer from Psoriasis on my elbows in the winter months, not anymore.

Eating right and exercise will help to minimize the look of cellulite and also relieve you of other skin disorders... but there is something else you can do and it won't cost you a cent!
When you shower, with the water as hot as you can tolerate it, take a washrag,wet it with the steaming hot water, and scrub as hard as you possibly can tolerate, all over your body, careful around the boobies...taking extra attention on any cellulite areas, psoriasis areas, eczema etc..and really scrub. When you get out of the shower, you will be all red and blotchy...its okay, it will go away in a few minutes.

Do this daily when you shower and you will notice your skin is healthier, and glowing and over time, you will notice your cellulite is disappearing...You won't need to moisturize with creams anymore, and you wont' believe how soft your skin will be, even after the first time doing this!

I read about this in a book called Glowby Christina Pirello. She is an awesome and I miss her show that used to be on CN8 called Christina Cooks...she had Leukemia in her 20's and cured it with foods. I have watched her show off and on for about 10-12 years now on PBS channels too.
Moisturizers conatain toxins and poisons, that when applied, travel into your blood stream and all over your body.. and there are companies that claim theirs to be safe..but there is no agency that mandates what is in our skin care products in America...if you don't have time to look up every ingredient in your skin care products, why are you putting it on your skin???? Don't believe their claims without checking into it yourself. I fell for that once.I paid 200 dollars for a moisturizer set from a home party sales company that did absolutely NOTHING.

Add running to this, even a mile three times a week...you will notice your thighs slimming down and it will seem like the cellulite just fell off your thighs!

Give it a try, what do you have to lose? It won't cost you anything but a few moments in the shower! Even if you don't run, you will notice a change!

Here is a great book I read that was written by a childhood friend of mine. It taught me to love to run...I never knew that you could run wrong, but you can, and if you read this book, running won't be uncomfortable...you won't get side stitches anymore if you follow her advice on how to run. I just thought I could not run...I can, and so can you!  Run For Your Life.

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