Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Taco Thursday!!!

My kids and their friends have this "Taco Thursday" joke. I find it a bit cruel, but they have their friend from Switzerland convinced that Americans celebrate Taco Thursday every Thursday, and schools serve tacos every Thursday in celebration of Taco Thursday...I don't get why they picked this, but I googled Taco Thursday and there are tons of links about Taco Thursday...restaurants that feature it, families that have it, there are even groups on facebook for it.

It makes no sense at all to me, as I would think Taco Tuesday sounds better...the T sounds together are more musical to the ear than T and TH sound? Whatever.

I told my kids, sure thing, we can have Taco Thursday every Thursday. I don't buy ground beef, so we do things like have a chuck roast cooked in the pressure cooker with taco seasoning, and shredded. I also take the roasts and before cooking, grind them up into ground beef.

Fish tacos, chicken tacos, and even black bean tacos. We don't have the same taco every week...but every week we have tacos.

Having a weekly meal tradition, not only gets the family together for dinner, but it makes dinner planning simple. An Italian Wednesday for instance, makes it easy for you to know, that is the day we will have spaghetti and meatballs, baked ziti, or lasagna, Italian wedding soup or any Italian meal and each week. Make it different every week..even if you only have four or five Italian recipes you make, a different one each week of the month makes dinner more interesting.

The nice thing about it is, you can make double batches and freeze one, things like taco meat, baked ziti and lasagna freeze well for next month, and then you are only cooking every other month or even every other week for your Taco Thursday or Italian Wednesday , depending on how you plan it.

You can even plan a sushi night, even if its only once a month, say the second Friday of every month. Sushi is fun to make and you can even make it with cooked foods if you are not really into raw fish.

"Kick it up a notch" and make that night a Game Night too. Play some Boggle or Apples to Apples or any game you like. Or you can make it a Family Meeting night, to discuss things vacations, weekly plans, chores, school etc.

Meal planning can save you a lot of money, because it saves on you having to get take out because it got too late to make dinner, you don't have anything to make dinner with, or you just don't have time. Making double batches to have leftovers the next day or freeze it for another day in a week or two can help make life just a little bit easier. Everyone knows that everything tastes better the second day after its made!

and here is what I have for breakfast on Friday mornings.
Tacos, the breakfast of champions!

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