Saturday, October 17, 2009

Don't Laugh! I never made Tuna Casserole!

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I made tuna casserole for the first time ever for my family tonight...I know, as much as I love to cook and how often I cook...we never had tuna casserole!

I was never a fan of it, hated tuna, still not a tuna fan.. we dont' eat that crap soup like cream of mushroom usually but I thought, heck, lets have some tonight. My kids love tuna and eat it out of the packets so I figured, I will make it for them and I can eat something else if I still hate it.

It was fantastic! I omitted the peas in the recipes I saw online for it bleck..I will tolerate peas, but I am not a fan!
I didn't use those dried onions either, topped it with homemade bread crumbs mixed with melted butter..heck, the soup is bad for ya, why stop there...(yes I had to look through some recipes for it, I told ya, I never made it. Once I saw some recipes, it was a free for all, I never follow directions! ).
I have to give credit to my pals in my rice cooker group for guiding me to recipes for it.
I will make it again for a quick cheap meal but next time, I will put cut up asparagus in it. That would taste awesome!
Tuna Casserole, awesome.... who knew...everyone but me I guess! lol.


Anonymous said...

My Mom always made tuna casserole while growing up. Loved tuna. I have a good recipe as well to share with you too. It is a quick and easy meal to make!I think that is first real meal my Mom taught me to make!
Amy E

That's my story and I'm sticking to it, at least for now. said...

Feel free to post your recipes Amy or email me it..I love new suggestions ( put something in the subject so I know its you and not hubbub junk mail.

Some others suggested potato chips and parm cheese for a topping..

I am thinking Rye bread crumbs and parm cheese mixed with melted butter for topping next time and maybe some cream of celery or cream of asparagus soup instead of cream of mushroom..and cut up asparagus.

Donna-FFW said...

Can I tell ya, Ive never made tuna casserole either?? We eat tuna, but have never gotten around to this dish. I should try it this winter.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it, at least for now. said...

Donna, that's funny. As much as you and I cook..maybe we felt it too basic?
I don't know why I never made it. It was good, and I am sure I can dr it up to be even better than the 70s recipes.