Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's better than a FREE about 26 FREE cookbooks!

Wow, I hit the jackpot today! lol. I am such a cookbook collector and there is nothing I love more than a PDF version of a the best part of today is, I got 26 of them, thanks to a gal in my Rice Cooker Group who shared this link!

I could not resist sharing it with you all, and I really feel sorry for those who do not check out my blog, because this post is the coolest!

Free for the downloading are 26 PDF version copies of these books!
Here is a link to get one or all that you want. There are Halloween books, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hunting cookbooks and so much more, something for everyone!

I am pretty sure you can just view them online, but like I said, what if that link is gone one day. I have the books on my hard drive for viewing offline. I have had favorite recipe sites disappear forever suddenly.

Pictured below are just three. Who knows how long this link will work, so I made sure I got them all downloaded and fast!

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