Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pepperfest 2009!

I took a picture of my sunflowers and had to include them on here, aren't they gorgeous. They are about 3 feet taller than I am and I am 5'5". I just took this pic the other day and used the sky as the background and now this pic is my laptop wallpaper. Its so lovely to look at.
Okay, on with the pepperfest.
This is my childhood friend Christa and her husband Ryan's, Smoked Crabby Pepper Poppy Stand at the Bower's Pepperfest. I was always at the beach for this event, and this year, the economy got the best of us, so we skipped the beach for the first time in ages and finally got to go to the pepperfest

Christa and I have been friends since the first day of kindergarten! That's about 33 years now! Wow, does that make me sound old! Whoooo! But I am proud to call her one of my best friends and her and her family are family to me.

It was exciting to see them in action but I never knew all of the work that went into it. It's a lot!
But when the people came to buy, they said things like....I am so glad you are here again, this is our favorite stand! Your peppers are the best! ..I knew it was all worth the work they do.

Here's Ryan, her husband, smoking peppers. I call him Ry-bread. Her brother and some friends are in the rained! Bummer, but that did not stop the sales!

My hubby had the camera and she had a customer, so I said..hey take a pic of her in action...well, he cut out the well.

The night before, my hubby and I went to her house and helped stuff peppers..we know the secret ingredients, but I will never tell! lol. Christa and Ryan have done this for years!
This is Christa's family. Here mom, dad, brother and daughter, Mackenzie

This is her brother Ryan (another slice of Ry-bread) and her mom and I stuffing...the guys in the background. Boy did my hands burn, more of a tingle though, didn't hurt bad. But when I showered, it activated it again and I got that burn for days. lol.

They even had cherry peppers for the wimpy people who couldn't eat Jalapeño's.
Allen and Ryan cleaned the Jalapeño Peppers...imagine playing with those seeds.

And here we are...Christa missing from Pic.

Now Ryan is missing from pic (brother)

How about I take a family pic of just your family..wait...there's Allen popping his head in lol..we all cracked up....he is Uncle Allen I guess lol.

She caught me off guard. Christa's mom and my hubby in the background.

Shannon (me), Christa and Mom

I had so much fun, that on Friday night, we called her and she invited us over to help out again. We could not pass it up.
I figured an easier way of stuffing on this night. Ain't I lazy! lol

The peppers in this cooler are just the tip of the iceberg! They had over 3000 peppers!

Christa and I

There's Ry-bread, hookin us up with more crab stuffing!
And if this isn't two of the sexiest "Biznatches" you have ever seen..I don't know what is.

Some Customer Service Pics.

Thanks Christa and Ryan for the great experience of helping out. You guys work really hard to have that stand! I don't know how you manage, but you do, and you do it well!

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Christa Hartman said...

The blog looks great. Good job!! Thanks so much Shannon & Allen for everything!!!! It is a lot of work, but fun at the same time. I'm glad you both enjoyed it!!! It's all worth it in the end! Also, thanks for showing me that shortcut. It helped me out ALOT!!
Hopefully you both can be there next year too!!! Take vacation the week before. lol