Saturday, September 12, 2009

Big Mac Attack inspired Cheese Steak

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Oh my, will you look at this! Now I am starving for a Big Mac

I was talking to my sister on the phone about how I wish Mc Donald's would make a regular size cheeseburger in Big Mac form, they could call it the Mini Mac. I would not fell so guilty eating a Big Mac at half the size.

I even wrote to them suggesting it. They replied and said, they tested a similar product , years ago and it didn't sell. WELL TRY IT AGAIN RONALD! The world has changed and there are some of us now, who want to partake in your tasty burger but its way too big. If we could learn limit our meals to a REAL serving size and get a little workout in, we would be a much slimmer world. Okay, enough about healthy..that's a whole other blog! lol

As I am thinking about the Big Mac and making it at home in my recommended serving size, a light bulb pops up in my about a cheese steak with Big Mac sauce (Russian Dressing). I love to make cheese steaks at home, and must say, I make them very very well. Why I never thought of this before..but immediately I add the ingredients to my grocery list that I keep on . To make it more of a serving size, I will put it on a Kaiser roll instead of a hoagie roll (some of you say submarine roll). Sure, my husband and boys will probably eat two..but little old me can try to keep my figure!

Shut up, I know its still fattening..I chose my battles wisely, and work out to make up for it. One of my famous quotes when I am eating junk food is..."Eat like there is no tomorrow and exercise like there is!" Yes, its my own quote, I know it will be stolen now that I put it in print..whatever, that's how life is ya know lol.

So anyway, back to the subject of the email...we are talking about having a good sandwich. I probably am not the first to think of this, but my friends and family have never concocted one, so its all new to us, anyway! We made them and loved it.

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That's my story and I'm sticking to it, at least for now. said...

These are so good! Russian Dressing, lettuce, pickles...yum!