Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pico de Gallo

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I made Pico de Gallo in less than 5 min from my garden veggies this morning and am now eating it non stop with tortilla chips.
I guess if you serve it on italian bread rounds, you can call it Bruschetta..with one or two adjustments...omit cilantro, replace with olive oil and oregano, basil..
I did not have any fresh cilantro in my garden, so I had to use dried..I better work on that!

Let me start of by raving about my Wolfgang Puck immersion blender..this thing can go in a pot to make soup, or you can use the handy little chopping container it comes with. I use this thing every single day of my life!
I love this thing.
I buy steak and chicken thighs and breasts and chop them myself to make my own ground beef and ground chicken...who knows what is in that stuff they put out at the store...I know what I put in mine...I use it for nuts, and veggies. I could go on and on about how much I love this thing.
I make a brussels sprouts and bacon and shallot hash for a side dish and this does all of the work for me.
You can make Margaritas, or any drink, mayonnaise, and even slushies, the sky is the limit.

I do not make any money on this product, but want to note, every kitchen should have one!

I started off using a bunch of grape tomatoes (they did get big, didn't they?)

Of course, hot peppers...WITH SEEDS...the seeds add heat (we want that!) and they contain alot of nutrients! I leave the seeds in my peppers and tomatoes...nutrients.
Three pulses of the immersion blender stick...and....this is what you get!

Why not, some green peppers.

Gotta have one of these tomato corers! Pampered Chef sells them too, I have one somewhere from them, but I have a few from the restaurant store too..costs about a buck!

quarter them....then chop

Dumping it all into a glass bowl as I go.


Now before we stir this....

Squeeze the juice of a lime into it...and some cilantro goes in too...I buy my limes in bulk at Sams...because I love lime in my water too...always have lime on hand...I am even growing a key lime tree in my kitchen...I threw a few seeds from a key lime I was cutting, into a pot and plopped it on my kitchen counter...its big limes yet...but its young.

And the finished product!

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