Sunday, August 2, 2009


This is the basil in my kitchen garden. I plant this in the ground. I have some in planters for inside too, but I like to let it grow in the garden too. It got out of hand and became quite lanky. Oh well, I trimmed her up and she will bush out some again.

Here is my kitchen garden...yikes, I need to make curtains for my summer kitchen..that window looks awful, but I don't do much sewing in the summer time, so it will have to wait. We have a big field garden, and this is my little gardey by the house that I can run out and get stuff while cooking, in a pinch. I call it the kitchen garden. I have spaghetti squash, tomatoes of a few varieties, peppers of a few varieties, herbs, edamame, cabbage and eggplant. It also serves as a nursery for the baby blueberry bushes and our concord and niagara grapevines.

My rosemary is in a pot in the ground, so I can bring it in before frost..its my favorite herb!

Some basil in my hand.

Growing herbs indoors (and out) is simple and worthwhile. It's very inexpensive for the seeds, or even baby plants at a nursery, and they keep growing and growing and make kitchen recipes taste even better than store bought dried herbs in the spice section. They smell great growing and cooking!
Pan down on a friend's blog, " My Tasty Treasures" for a beautiful picture of her basil in a pot.
Here is a good site with some information on herbs.

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Donna-FFW said...

I love your garden area. I miss mine this year. With the move, I had no time to start one here. I did pick out the area I want to use next year, I cant wait. I always grow my herbs in the ground, they do so well.

Thanks for the kind words and the shout out.