Saturday, August 29, 2009

Creating Memories

My grandmother, we called her Dar (short for Doris) and my grandfather, Poppop Henry when they were younger. Aren't they beautiful, they look like a sitcom couple.

One of my fondest memories as a child was playing in grandmom's bathroom medicine was covered the whole wall over the double or triple sinks they had in the bathroom. She sold Avon and had tons of fun makeup and cold creams and even wigs on top of the cabinet..she was a show girl when she was younger, so she had all of the cool stuff..she was pretty hip as far as grandmoms go! Of course, fond memories cooking with both her and mom, summers at the pool, I just reminisced about with an old friend, and too many other memories to mention here. I would not want to bore you, they are my memories, you probably don't remember doing them lol.
We are always creating great memories and no matter who bad you thought your childhood was, there have to be some warm memories that you just love! I am sure my boys have many fond memories of growing up, unfortunately they weren't hanging at grandma's like we did, my grandparents lived across the street from us growing up so we got to see them every single day.

My nieces came over this morning, to hang out while my sister had something to get done. It was early, we ate cereal and then watched The Bee Movie and while we were watching that, I was thinking...I don't want the memories of Aunt Shannon's house to be watching tv I got out my jewelry making supplies and had them make an anklet and bracelet. I did not give them any advice, I gave them two trays of supplies to pick out of and design their own jewelry.

Taylor made this adorable anklet (hard to see in the pic) using pink seed beads, little pearls, butterfly shaped metal beads, and a heart charm.

Brianna made this yummy bracelet with multicolored glass beads, metal butterfly beads and also a heart charm...(I told her it looked like edible candy)

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