Thursday, February 12, 2009

upside down tomato plants

I do have to say, after seeing everyone's upside down tomato plants, why?  They grow just fine from the ground...and these things are heavy and must be watered individually....but whatever..if you are going to buy one...don' can just do this!

I have tons of these, my husband is a painter.
I am totally giving this guy credit, this is an awesome idea..see his website.
Get a 5 gallon bucket and lid. (hardware stores sell them for about 2.00 )----------------------------------------------on one of the yahoo group that i belong to someone suggested you might get 5 gal buckets at local restaurant/grocery for free

Drill 2 inch hole in the center of the LID and center of the bottom of the bucket

Fill Bucket with Dirt.
(Miracle grow dirt is best)

Put a coffee filter over the dirt in the center, then put the top on. the coffee filter is to hold the dirt in the bucket when you do step 5 and 6

Flip bucket upside down, so its now on its lid. put the tomato plant inside the hole. Water it and if needed add more dirt.oh ya.. we use celebrity tomato's

Let the plant grow for 1 week to let the roots grow into the soil before you do step 7
The reason you let it the plant grow for 1 week before doing step 7 is so the roots can grow into the dirt since you just planted the plant
If you don't have the room to let it grow for 1 week out side you can put it inside by a window.
Water the plant as needed in this stage.

Now that the plant is 12 inches tall flip it upside down and hang it some where. I hung it from a clothes line pole. (make sure its strong enough)(Also now you may take off the top lid if you like, you don't need to but some might find it easier to water if you do.)
(don't forget to water it)

This shows it weeks later flowering
(don't forget to water it)

Here it is weeks later again and you can see 13 or more tomatoes on it in this photo (its only July)
(don't forget to water it)

And to extend the growing season, here is what Todd does...
TIP for longer growing season: Remember when fall comes you can take this plant inside, so the frost don't get to it and kill it. I use 2 step ladders and put a pole between them to hold the plant up, and put them by a patio window so it can get good sun in the day. (if the weather is 40 degrees or more you can move them outside in the daytime, and back inside over night. so the frost don't get them.)
Tips for inside growing You can get some nice plant lights at hardware stores. I suggest the spot lights so you can beam it right at the plants from different angles. 3 60watt spot lights are just fine. Make sure they are Grow lights. (as the store if you are not sure) put them around the plat in a triangle. so all of the plant gets the light. (if you want you can use more then 3 lights, 4 or 5 is good too. I use 3 and its just fine. Keep the lights 5 to 6 feet away from the plants. (WARNING its a fire hazer if you allow the plant to touch the bulbs)
Remember tomato's need darkness too. so light should only be on for no longer then 12 hours, and off again for 12 hours. keep them in a room that will not have light in it. such as a basement or spare bed room that's not used) if you use a timer set the time for 6am for the lights to go on. and 6pm for the lights to go off.

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Enzo's Galaxy said...

It has been suggested by people that has Emailed me that Green Peppers and strawberries can be done this way too.