Saturday, February 28, 2009

Great Depression Cooking with Clara

I came across this beautiful woman today, Clara. She is in her 90s and has you tube videos of her cooking secrets from The Great Depression. She tells great stories of life during the depression while she cooks. Check her out! She is so cute!
Here is her blog also.

They even have a website where they sell Dvd's of her.


Suzie said...

Hi, Shannon!
What a nice surprise!!
Thank you so much for become a follower of my blog. It was a beautiful day here in Southern California. I went to a outdoor cottage flea market with my friend yesterday and we met a few blogspot bloggers there. What a small world!! I look forward to be come your follower as soon as you set up the follower option on your blog. Thank you, again!
Have a great weekend, Shannon!!!

Suzie said...

I enjoyed Clara's video very much!
She is great!!! I use olive oil for just about all of my cooking too. I want to link Clara's video on my blog, but first,I have to learn how to do that. Thank you, Shannon! Suzie