Monday, February 23, 2009

Great Lemonade for Guests

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I make lemonade that people rave about all the time..and (sneaky giggle), its just powdered..hehe
I buy the generic yellow lemonade powder (equivalent to country time type).

I make it as directed, but put a bit more powder in to give it more umph and then I add slices of lemon, orange, strawberries and blueberries...any fruits or even a few marischino cherries, that will "pretty it up"

It looks really neat and it turns pink from the strawberries and it looks like you went to trouble to make it homemade and everyone loves it. lol.

I serve it in a nice glass pitcher and serve it in wine glasses (I got at the restaurant supply store, it was missing two from a case, I paid about 40 cents each because it was on clearance because of the missing glasses).
Of course, I have a bottle of vodka on hand, in case anyone wants to spike their glass of lemonade.

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