Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My little cast iron skillet

I got a set of cast iron skillets years ago, and never used them. When I noticed they rusted in the cabinet, I got rid of them. I think I gave them to my mother in law? I recall her thinking I was totally nuts for not wanting them.

Well, about two years ago, I was making eggs and had the vision of my mother making eggs, she always made her eggs every morning in a cute little cast iron skillet. So I went online and found some American Made one's by lodge logic. I bought a small skillet and a larger square skillet with a cornbread cookbook.

They are really not hard to care for and the food cooks so nicely and tastes so good in them. I make my eggs every morning in a cast iron skillet. I wash it out, and put a tiny bit of grapeseed oil on it, and put it back on the burner for a few min on med and that's it. I leave it on the burner all of the time, because I use it every day. I like the large square on for making things like burgers and steaks on it. What a nice sear it gives.
They get better with age too. Sort of like the 10 baking stones I use every day that turned so dark brown after 15 years of use, I would be devastated to have to start with new ones.
An added bonus of the cast iron skillets is, that it adds iron to your food when you cook on it. That is something I need, as I tend to fall on the anemic side at times.
Funny thing, people buy those kitchen gadgets that make eggs and omelets, and still have to wash something, what is wrong with that something you have to wash being a skillet?
I would like to acquire some more cast iron now...maybe a dutch oven. We like to go camping.
I have gotten rid of all of my non stick pots and pans now and use only stainless steel and cast iron.



Eco Chick said...

I only have one cast iron pan, I want more now.

Old2GSer said...

I have a wall of Cast Iron and a stack of Cast Iron Camp Dutch Ovens. If it were not for my wife I would not have any Teflon pans at all.