Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fish in Cartoccio

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I made fish in cartoccio again today. Its one of my favorite things to make, not only is it healthy, its fast, easy and very flavorful. And clean up is a breeze, since its cooked in parchment paper.

I fold a piece of parchment in half so you have a double triangle , or, if you have sheets, cut a heart shape, it works nicely. Put the fish (flounder in this case) on the center and veggies on top. I cut up the veggies nice and small, carrots, potatoes, onions, green pepper and broccoli. Any veggies will do. Whatever you like. Season it up, I use rosemary and garlic seasoning. Its my favorite to put on fish.

Then I fold up the sides very tightly, starting at the corner, fold over, fold a little more over and a little more as you work your way around the parchment so you have a pocket. Before you fold over the other end, pour in some wine (or water with lemon if you don't do booze). Then fold over the last corner and the wine (or liquid) will steam the fish and veggies as it cooks.
I cook it on 400 for about 15 min. Then tear in. What a great aroma, and great colors on the vegetables. The pictures do not do it justice.

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Eco Chick said...

Great pics. My baking stones are dark like yours. Aren't they the greatest kitchen tool in the world.