Saturday, January 11, 2014

Super Easy Homemade Bread (and pizza dough)...Five Minutes to whip up a batch of dough

I felt the need to update my post about Artisan Bread.   I got a book years ago, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day (and since have bought all of their books, Zoe and Jeff are awesome).

I whip up a batch of this every few days..takes me five minutes and I let it on the counter for three hours, and then it lasts in my refrigerator for 2 weeks.  What could be not only makes a tasty bread (many different ways), but its a great stromboli and pizza crust too.

I have been playing with this recipe since 2007 because my cookbook club sent me a copy of their book. Its so versatile, you can use this recipe for so many things.

 You can flatten it out and sprinkle raisins and cinnamon and sugar on it and roll it up, and put it in a loaf pan and bake it...they also have a buttermilk In their book that yields even better cinnamon raisin bread, but I won't give all of their recipes the book.  You can make it with this dough though.  I have only because I make this dough several times a week and always have a rolling batch on hand.  You can use some semolina in place of the flour too for a crispy pizza crust or just roll this recipe really flat.

I add spices to mine that I muddle and toss in with the flour...because I use it within a few days..I would not attempt to keep it in the fridge two weeks adding extra stuff to it.  Keep it basic if you don't think you will go through it fast. Its so good with the "mafia" spices muddled and tossed in...goes great with cheese and beer.

I won't bore you anymore with it simple..

Artisan Bread Dough Master Recipe

In a big container like the one shown below (you can get these at the restaurant stores), add these ingredients in this order and stir with a wooden spoon:

3 C lukewarm water
1½ T yeast
1½T kosher salt
6½ C bread flour (the gluten content is ideal, but you can use all purpose, I have and it works)

Mix will with a wooden spoon and let it set out on the counter three hours, then refrigerate up to two weeks.  Grab a wad and put it onto a flat stone, freehand, or in a bread stone (sprinkle a little corn meal on the stone to prevent sticking...especially if you are rolling it out to make stromboli or pizza, and bake at 400 for about an hour, the time will depend on the size.  They say to let it rise first, but we just bake it as is and it works.  If you have the time, let it rise 30 mins before baking.

You can get the book here. They also have a healthier version Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day 

I now buy my bread flour at Sams in 25 pound bags because we go through a lot of it.  I also get my yeast there really cheap.

Here my husband made a breakfast pizza with it.

I have some of my baking stones for 20 years.  Get good quality baking stones here.

Here is the video of the authors making a batch way back when, on a news show.

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