Saturday, January 18, 2014

My favorite healing herb blend & my muddle

I always thought those muddle things (I realize its a mortar but we call it a muddle in this house) were cool so about three years ago, my son asked for one we saw at TJ Maxx. It was marble and only 5.99.

I didn't know where I was putting it and I don't usually buy things unless I know where it's going to go because homeless things tend to turn to dusty clutter. 

It's still homeless, well not really, it's home is on my counter. I never put it away. I use it every single day. 

When you use a muddle to crush up your herbs, you bring out the oils and best flavors. The aroma is pure heaven.

Herbs have amazing healing powers and I love adding them to our foods to keep my family healthy. In fact I add them to everything. One of the greatest books I have on herbs is called Healing Spices- how to use 50 everyday and exotic spices to boost health and beat disease. 

It alphabetically goes through just about every spice in your spice cabinet, in great detail. 4-5 pages, describing the herb, what it's health benefits are, what it helps heal,  what it pairs well with and even includes a recipe using the herb. 

It even has a spice combo section in the back that offers spice blend recipe by region of origin, Middle East, china, Latin America, North Africa, India, France, etc. even Chesapeake bay seafood seasoning recipe. You will get no additives or fillers if you blend your own spices. Mulling spices, pickling spices etc. 

Here is my favorite healing blend. I made it up myself and I put it in everything. My husband said, I don't know what spice you are using but it's amazing!  

I'm going to call my measurement parts because I pinch the herbs for every recipe into the muddle bowl so that they are freshly muddled for each recipe. It really only takes a minute and it's so much better than making a big batch that sits around loosing flavor. 
I realize this is a lot  of spices, but its all just pinches.  Its great on everything, from pizza, to eggs, sausage, even pasta. I am big on fennel seeds as my grandfather had Alzheimer's and I try my best to eat foods that prevent that.

My Healing Herb Blend
In the muddle bowl:

2 parts: 
Fennel seeds, rosemary 
1 part each:
Oregano, marjoram, basil, parsley, thyme,
1/4 part each:
Cinnamon, all spice, clove, nutmeg, ginger, caraway seeds, one peppercorn and a dash of sea salt. 
If the meal I'm adding this to doesn't  have fresh garlic in it I add 1 part garlic to this also. 
Sometimes I add paprika to this (1/4 part) if I want a smokey background flavor. 

Muddle away. Grind those spices. Take a whiff. Omg that's heaven. 

never buy powdered spices. I'd rather use a zester on my nutmeg, dried ginger root etc. there's a great Amish store near me that has a huge spice aisle with many herbs in whole form. I also love seed. Fennel seeds are my favorite herb. 

Find yourself a muddle set and play with your spices. Even if you only muddle your Italian seasoning, you are going to love the flavor results. And the aroma!  

You can buy them online or check our Ross/TJ Maxx type stores. You can get great deals on kitchen gadgets there. I got my pasta machine there for 15 bucks. If  you can't find one, you can order offers free shipping overs so many dollars, free for prime  members. 

This is one book I've had for a few years and I always reference back to. You won't ever want to part with this book. 
Some peeks on my book. My favorite spice...

I probably don't have to remind you that you should keep your spices in the coolest darkest cabinet in the kitchen.  Away from heat sources and moisture.


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