Sunday, October 14, 2012

Healthy Fast Food Vegetarian & Meat Eaters versions

I have been calling this stuff, Cowgirl Caviar. 

It is nearly impossible to get a fast food that is healthy from any restaurant...they all add so much salt and what not to their foods, even when they CLAIM to be healthy. I promise you, this is fast food. It's a lot of typing, because this is so diverse, you can change it up to your liking, after all, that is what makes us good cooks, making the food, how we think it tastes good.

This is so fast....and ♫ SO DELICIOUS. click the link, you can listen to faster by Matt Nathanson while you read this if you like....Vegetarian, but only by chance. I am not vegetarian, I just like to eat fresh foods. My family eats vegetarian a few times a week, but we do love meat. This is also carb free if you are into that.

Let me start by saying a main staple I buy at the grocery store is the fresh salsa in the produce dept...every week, we buy two and we use it up...I like the hot, since we like it hot. Every grocery store I have been to, has their own brand.  Its just fresh ingredients. No additives. This saves you the step of dicing veggies.  I use this for EVERYTHING! My tortilla pizza post is to follow using it. There is a tad bit of salt in this, but not like the jarred kind and this isnt' runny, its just like pico de gallo.

Okay, here it is....
Mix black beans, kidney beans (or your favorite beans), fresh salsa, corn and Gorgonzola Cheese....and then, some of your favorite spices..what are you in the mood for.... Mexican? Add some cumin, chili powder, garlic and onion powder, red pepper flakes, oregano and paprika (you can use a packet of taco seasoning, but it probably contains a lot of salt)   Italian?  Add your mafia seasonings, which is what I call my mixture I keep ready to use in a big jar (rosemary, oregano, basil, parsley, garlic, sage, thyme and marjoram)...etc...I don't have to go over your favorite spice blend, you can make it any way you want... Indian, Thai, the sky is the limit.

Heat this up, in a nuker is fine, and put this over your spaghetti squash. 
I also take it as is to work and put it on a flour tortilla and eat it like a taco. 

Or, use it for anything, chips and salsa or on a bun, or just eat it with a fork alone. You can add your meat to this if you like also.  I love to make this a few times a week so I have something quick and healthy to eat at work.
Some tips for prepping for this to be fast food....if you don't wanna use canned beans.  I dont like to use canned, since canned foods have added sodium.

 If you want to make it with meat, and in a hurry, buy precooked sausage links, and cut them up. Buying prepped foods makes it easier to cook fast, there are cut up cooked chicken and beef strips available too, but again, additives...If you have leftover cooked meats, add it.

You can nuke the spaghetti squash or bake it in the oven, your choice...faster in the nuker but your choice.
Here are some ways to cook it I found online → .How to cook spaghetti squash

While that cooks, cook your beans, kidney beans, your choice, or a mixture in the pressure cooker, or make it easy on yourself and pressure cook these ahead of time and keep them in the fridge for multipurpose use Most can be cooked in 20 mins or less in a pressure cooker.
 You may also used canned, nothing wrong with that.

Another use is, mix it with precooked chicken strips and serve it over rice.  I keep this in the fridge non stop now for on-demand healthy quick lunches.  I make it on a Sunday and its good until Thursday or Friday.

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