Saturday, October 20, 2012

DIY Desk Organizer

I was cleaning off my desk,there was a huge pile of papers again and it drives me up a wall to see my desk like that.  I am not really in the mood to go out shopping and I looked on a few office supply websites and found nothing suitable for my paper-mess ..I don't want something too big, that has too many compartments, afterall, the papers are supposed to be there temporarily until they get filed in the filing cabinet or taken care of how they need to be...mailed, tossed etc.

I need something, anything to control the clutter and lets face it, this is just my cubicle (I have my office contained in an armoire), it's not a show  house.We live here and we use it as such.  I just need some quick organization.

I grabbed a cereal box and a few things I had laying around (fabric from one of my crazy quilt adventures, a utility knife, scissors, and a hot glue gun).  My box  had to be large enough to accomodate files,so I used this box, even though its slightly larger than I wanted..I made due because my smaller cereal boxes did not fit the file folders. You don't have to use fabric, you can use wrapping paper, contact paper, whatever..its no a forever thing and if you are bored, you can even do it in holiday paper.  I don't have that kind of time, I am not Martha.
Okay, follow along, this isn't rocket science so I am sure you get the idea without me going through the steps word for word...

The finished product has a smaller cereal box in it, I put in there to catch the smaller things.  I could have fabric covered it, but I am just using this to organize and who is gonna look in there (except for all ya'all reading this lol) 

This will make due for now...I may have to find another box that is slightly less deep, to take up a tad less space, but its not taking up that much room. At least not as much room as those papers and catalogs strewn all over my desk. 
Here is my finished "cubicle". 
This organizer cost me ZERO dollars, as I had the glue gun, leftover fabric and I recycled a cereal box. 

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