Friday, February 10, 2012

Margaritas Luscious Chocolate Body Scrub ♥

Margaritas Luscious Chocolate Body Scrub

I love sugar scrubs. Salt scrubs seem to dry my skin and hurt too much.   I know Hershey has its own chocolate spa, but I don't have the time or money to get there, so here is what I came up with.   I washed my face with this and licked my lips...omg LUSCIOUS!

1 C sugar
1½ T Cocoa Powder (not hot chocolate mix, real cocoa)
½ C coconut oil (warm so its liquid to be able to mix it easier)
2 T honey

Mix the sugar and cocoa first with a whisk, in another measuring cup or small bowl, mix the honey and coconut oil...than add the dry to wet.  
I'd store this in the fridge but its not necessary if you are going to use it up in a day or two

You can also use an oil if you prefer, olive, grapeseed, but I am a coconut oil lover for body products.

This will harden when its above 76° but its easy to melt it back down if you prefer to have it liquid, your warm bathroom will bring it right back to liquid or put it in the hot shower a min or two. 

Disclaimer:   I use brown wash rags and towels (I live with all men and brown is my fav masculine color so its what we have) so I can't say what this will do to your pretty wash rags. Use a dark one. It did rinse right off of my cloth shower curtain. 

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