Friday, December 3, 2010

Homemade Lasagna Noodles

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I freakin love homemade pasta!   I made Lasagna yesterday....two days prior made homemade ricotta and had to contain myself from eating that out of the jar as is..its so good.

Make the pasta dough about a half hour before you are going to roll it out and put it in the frige

In the food processor:

3 cups flour (I used AP but have cut it with some Semolina when making it in the past, just didn't have any, and I made due)
4 eggs
1 T kosher salt (I really don't measure this, I just throw some in)
1 T olive oil

Whirl it up...add a few drops of water to make it just wet enough to be able to dump out and knead.  (check it first, it may be wet enough, take the lid off and squeeze it, it looks dryer than it is)

After kneading it for a few mins, wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate to make it easy to handle.

Cut a piece off and put a tiny bit of flour on it so it doesn't' stick to the pasta machine. I prefer to roll mine out by hand with this, rather than have a motorized one.  I can control it on my own.

Roll  it on the largest setting...which on mine is the SMALLEST number.  Go through twice, and then keep moving it until you get to setting four. Stop at four for lasagna.  This is perfect thickness.
Lay them out on the counter, its okay if they start to dry some..I usually roll them all out and clean up and take a break while the water is coming to a boil.

Big pot, lots of water, lots of salt in the water....even a drop of oil in it if you want.  Bring to boil.

Slowly add them to the water, one at a time and give them a stir after adding a few...mine did not stick at all, but just to be sure, I did this.
Cook four or five  mins, drain and run under cold water for easy handling...and proceed to make your lasagna as you usually do.
Make some homemade ricotta makes a huge difference...its so much better than store bought and cheap too.  Here is the recipe I use...simple!  I promise!
My son's friend left me this on our refrigerators facebook page..I've had this on the fridge for years and love the notes my kids and their friends leave me.

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CookinsForMe said...

I've made homemade soy noodles but never tried to make soy lasagna noodles. I wonder if that would work with this recipe. A little adjusting might be necessary but they'd be a lot lower in carbs and I could actually eat them. ;)

Thanks for this recipe. I think I'll give it a try soon.