Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rice Cooker Pepper Omelet

I made an omelet in the rice cooker this morning, just because I was lazy.  It turned out really nice!

In the rice cooker:
2 T oil
1/2 cup frozen onion and green pepper strips
1/8 cup bacon pieces
  Who measures? lol  Its an estimate of how much I put in. Put in as much as you want. Hot peppers are a plus!
Turn on the rice cooker, keep lid open and let it "fry" for a few mins

Now, if your bacon is not precooked, as I buy mine, you can brown it up now

Next, add 6 eggs, scrambled with 1/8 c water. 
Shut the lid
If the cook turns off, hit it again.  It will turn off once or biggie..if you let this go, it will still cook, but to speed it up, I go out and re-hit the cook button.

It will take about 10 minutes ...I know, longer than in a fry pan, but if you don't feel like getting out the frying pan, or don't have one on hand...this is so easy.

When its done, you can tell, the eggs firm up, lay 5-6 slices of American Cheese on top, and close the lid to let it melt.   It's done.  This served four in my small 7-cup rice cooker.  If you have a bigger cooker, you can make more. 

This was delicious and easy.  Great for if you are taking it on vacation and don't want to pay to eat out, or for your college dorm room. 

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