Thursday, June 24, 2010

Running A 5K (finally)

I have talked about this many times and now the gym I work at is offering a training session to help us in a 5K run in August.  My sister and I signed up for it.  It will be fun and spending time with my sister is a plus, we are close but our busy lives usually only allow for keeping in touch with phone calls and emails and occasional visits.  We also have a few friends who can't do the program but plan to run the race with us, so it will be fun, not to mention the trainers and the other's in the training group running the race, there will be plenty of support.

I have some great running books, I have mentioned them before.  Run for your Life was the first one I ever read, and it helped me to realize, I was running all wrong.It shows you how to run,  what shoes to wear etc.

Another great book on Beginner Running I have is The Runner's World Book of Beginning Running.  This is jam packed with what to eat and drink when doing a running program, and includes running training programs.  I also have a few more books, runners world magazine and books are mostly geared toward teaching you the ins and outs of running. It even has what to eat if you are dieting while running, because the fuel is very important so you have to eat right, but you can eat to lose, not to mention running is one of the fastest ways to drop weight off your butt and thighs!

Below are three of my all time favorite running books.  You can get them on Amazon pretty cheap and free shipping if you buy all three. (I think its 25.00 you have to spend to get the free shipping, its how I buy most of my books)


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