Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Breakfast Casserole in the Rice Cooker

I had to try it!  I make a breakfast casserole that is really good, but wanted to know if I can make it in my Rice Cooker, rather than turn on the oven in the summer.  It worked well.

Rice Cooker Breakfast Casserole

serves four

4-5 C frozen has brown shredded potatoes
½ C cooked bacon broken up (I keep cooked bacon in the freezer for on demand cooked bacon)
6 eggs
½ C milk
3 T water
Butter bottom of rice cooker (and I tossed in a few dabs of butter just for the heck of it)
Toss in the shredded potatoes
Sprinkle bacon on top
Scramble eggs and milk and water
Pour over bacon and taters in rice cooker
Hit cook.   When it pops up, the eggs aren't quite done. I added another 3 T water and hit cook again.  Still not quite done, but I let the lid on while it was on keep warm, came back in 10 mins and it was cooked.
I sprinkled some cheese on top and let the lid on for it to melt the cheese a few more mins.
It's great!  No oven, no and no fuss! 
I may have been able to just leave the lid on and not hit cook again to let them cook, I will try that next time (tomorrow).
You can also sprinkle cooked sausage on this too if you prefer.

When I have a bunch over, I will just get out my other rice cooker and make two batches.

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