Thursday, April 29, 2010

Old Fashioned Bake Sales

 I remember summer bake sales at the pool, and flea markets. Now there are bake sales all over the place and most are for good causes too.  I see the Alex's Lemonade stands everywhere when warm weather hits.  I can't come out of  the warehouse club without getting offered a cookie or hot dog on weekends.

If you are asked to bake something for a bake sale last minute, do you have everything on hand?  You should!  I bake often, so I always have my baking supplies stocked up.  If you don't bake often, you can keep flour in the freezer.  I keep my stock pile of it there.  Keeps it pest free.

Here is a great link to a post I read on stocking your pantry for baking.

One more thing you may want to stock up on is containers to take the baked goods in.

  I like to pick up inexpensive plates and pie plates at yard sales.  Then, when I go to a potluck or picnic, I don't have to worry about getting back my container.  I always buy glass or ceramic because you can really sterilize them well.

  My mom was recently getting rid of junk and there was a glass pie plate in the boxes.  I had to jump on it. I even offered her the idea to use it for a potluck, but she declined wanting it, so I have it.  You can also buy those tin foil ones, but the glass looks nicer, and can be recycled, by the next person who ends up with it, taking it to a bake sale or pot luck and not worrying about getting it back.

Also buy up some old baskets.  They can be washed  and used for putting your cellophane wrapped cupcakes, rice crispy treats etc in them. Cake stands are great too for putting baked goods at different heights. A pretty table cloth and some baskets and attractive serving pieces will welcome people to your table. String some pretty ribbon around, or add some flowers.  Dress it up!

Keep your eyes open.  You never know, you may see clear cookie jars at giveaway prices.  You can put cookies in them or even lemonade with some fruit floating in it to sell.
I have a great recipe for lemonade that makes me such a cheater, but I get rave reviews on it. 

Its' called Hazel's Lemonade, a friend named Norma gave me the recipe, but she had it named after Hazel so I left that in tact.  This below is just the basics.  She added orange and lemon slices  to it. I put in a bit more for color. 

Hazels' Lemonade

1 c sugar
½ c powdered lemonade
½ can frozen concentrate

3 oranges -sliced
1 lemon –sliced
2 qt water and ice

In a gallon mix dry and frozen conc. In enough water to dissolve.  Add ice and water and garnish with orange and lemon slices.
 This is where I put in more...strawberry slices, and blueberries..any fruit will go nice in this, as will lavender flowers!  I love lavender lemonade!  
Offer several kinds!   My friends and family love when I have this at picnics. And if you put it in a jar, you can ladel is out with some fruit to eat.  (also at home, a shot of vodka  makes it fun for adults)..but back to the bake sale lol.
You can also offer fresh mint in case anyone wants to throw a mint leaf in theirs.  Not everyone likes mint or lavender, so you could offer it on the side in a bowl with a spoon to spoon it into their lemonade too.
Eye candy attracts people and don't forget to post prices.  I know if I pass by a stand and there are no prices, 9½ times out of 10, I walk right on by and don't bother to ask, "How much?"

Sweets sell, but don't forget diabetics and vegans.  Offer some healthy choices for those who can't eat sugar and animal products.  

For those too busy to cook, get over to a bakery or warehouse club and buy some cookies, wrap 'em up in cellophane, serve on a nice plate or basket and no one will know you didn't make them!   LOL   I am always worried they won't be as good as my homemade, so I have not resorted to that before, but in a pinch, if I had to, I would. 


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